RePoSyD is a process model and tool supporting systems engineering based development processes and covers the entire life cycle of a system, from idea to disposal. Please read “Yet Another Process Model” and “Why using a Reference Model?” to get a deeper understanding of the process model behind RePoSyD. Both, the process model and tool are scable and can be adapted to the requirements of the project and organization.

RePoSyD has open interfaces and follows the principle of “Single Source of Truth”, i.e. the dataset in RePoSyD is universally valid, correct and reliable regardless of which source system it originates from. This includes both the Design Data stored in RePoSyD and the documents generated from them. They are also part of the information model and can be generated in different formats with the report generator.

The front end is web-based and runs as a “Single Page Application” (SPA) on all modern web browsers and s open for extensions and can be connected to other IT systems using RESTful web services.

RePoSyD is open source and available free of license fees and does not use proprietary formats for storing information.

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  1. What is RePoSyD?
  2. Installing RePoSyD
    • Using RePoSyD out of th box
    • Installing the REST API and Application Server
  3. RePoSyD App User Interface
    • Design Data Object
  4. Working with RePoSyD
    • Getting started
    • Project Planning
      • Developing the WBS Index
      • Describing Work Packages, Tasks and Deliverables
  5. Generating the System Specification
  6. Knowledge Management
    • Collecting Notes
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